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Possession No father ever loved his son more than Tito did Daniel. Strong as that love was, it wasn’t strong enough to keep Tito from drinking himself to death, leaving Daniel an orphan at ten years of age. Everyone agreed Tito was a wonderful man, husband, father, and worker. He drank a fair amount, exclusively […]

Welcome to the Sobering Truth Blog

In the coming weeks and months I will present to you the truth about alcohol like you have never known it before. I will divide my posts into Sobering Truth Facts and Booze in the News. The former will describe new medical or sociologic studies on alcohol, historical facts of interest, and political and governmental […]

Local physician bolsters student awareness of health effects of alcohol

Local physician Jeff Herten, M.D., is working to spread national awareness about the grave but often overlooked effects of alcohol consumption. His book, “The Sobering Truth,” outlines the health risks of drinking alcohol from a doctor’s, as well as a former alcoholic’s, perspective. “I’m a recovering alcoholic,” said Herten. “I feel a calling to try […]