Josh Robbins

Founder, The Addicted Project

When I exited treatment I felt as though I was starved for medical knowledge in regards to my disease of alcoholism.  There are many books out on the current market that try to go the “medical” route when discussing addiction and alcoholism, yet can never achieve the necessary elements needed to make the publication meaningful and of any importance. When I am came across Jeff Herten’s book, The Sobering Truth, I thought, “Oh great, yet another doctor pretending to understand addiction.” When I read the book the first time I have to admit I was a bit taken back- this publication turned out to be something very different and something very honest.

I can say that I have never read anything regarding my disease that has been so sound, ethical, and truthful. The medical facts provided are startling to say the least; however the hope that is provided here cannot be mimicked. As an alcoholic I find that it is necessary to understand my disease a whole and The Sobering Truth provides the missing medical background that is skimmed over in treatment and counseling.

There is simply no book like this on the market—trust me—I have looked. I highly recommend anyone that is newly sober read this as it provides many necessary facts and explanations regarding our disease. I also recommend this book to anyone who is coming of age and thinking about experimenting with alcohol—after reading this you may think twice.

Joshua Robbins, Founder
The Addicted Project